After refusing classification to physical copies of DayZ last week, the Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now working to ban all versions of the game for its promotion of cannabis use.

"Through general gameplay, the player is able to collect and use a variety of equipment, supplies and weaponry," noted the ACB in its report. "One of the options to restore the player's health is a marijuana joint, labelled 'cannabis', which is denoted by a cannabis bud in the player's inventory.

"The use of drugs (marijuana) as an incentive or reward during the gameplay exceeds what can be accommodated within the R18+ classification and therefore must be Refused Classification," the report said.

DayZ initially released to PC through Early Access in 2013, and was classified as MA15+. Earlier this year, the game was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 under the same rating.

At time of writing, the game is currently unavailable on both console stores in Australia

The real kicker is that the offending drug use isn't in the game yet, with the in-game cannabis being part of its 0.58 Experimental content.