With few exceptions, hardly any movies based on video games have turned out better than average. Hollywood, not content with letting the dead rest, and probably by the power of committee have a new DOOM movie releasing straight to digital and Blu-ray this October.

I've no idea how, but this upcoming film from Universal Pictures looks even worse than the 2005 DOOM, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Check out the trailer below if you don't believe me!

Terrible right? It's so bad that Bethesda, the owners of the DOOM IP have distanced themselves from the project stating that they are not involved with it whatsoever.

Rights ownership is a strange thing, so it's likely Universal Pictures is just pushing this one out the door before the IP ownership rights lapse and get sold to another studio.

As bad as the film looks, I'm a sucker for rubbish films so I'll be watching it. It still technically counts as work right?