Amazon has announced the first director for its upcoming Lord of the Rings show.

The show is said to be the most significant production the studio has undertaken to date, and with filming set to place here in New Zealand, everything is starting to come together.

The studio has confirmed that JA Bayona: known for his work on Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom and A Monster Calls will helm two episodes of the show.

Bayona stated "J.R.R. Tolkien created one of the most extraordinary and inspiring stories of all time, and as a lifelong fan it is an honor and a joy to join this amazing team. I can't wait to take audiences around the world back to Middle-earth and have them discover the wonders of the Second Age, with a never-before-seen story."

JD Payne and Patrick McKay are handling the writing for the series, but further details are currently scarce in terms of characters and casting.

The show is said to take place long before the events of the books and movies, and will instead focus on the Second Age, which saw highly significant events like the creation of the Rings of Power and the War of Sauron.

With Game of Thrones now finished, there's a big gap in streaming for a great high-fantasy show. With filming yet to commence and what will likely be a massive undertaking in the effects departments, fans will probably still have a reasonable wait before stepping back into the magical world of Middle Earth.