We loved Hitman 2 at launch and have been eagerly awaiting taking Agent 47 out on some new 'hunting' trips. Thankfully, the games first significant DLC is releasing today and will see would-be assassins making their way to the big apple for a bit of banking.

According to developers IO Interactive, 'The Bank' will see players entering the brand new location to complete an all-new mission, titled 'Golden Handshake' which will task 47 with eliminating the bank's director, Athena Savalas, while also cracking into the banks vault on the hunt for a data core.

Much like the games initial set of locations, 'The Bank' will provide players with a lively sandbox, full of murderous opportunities and challenges for the most die-hard assassins.

Mastering the new location brings a suite of unlocks, with the coolest being a stylish double-breasted trench coat for those cold days of killing.

Check out the launch trailer below.