Rumours of a new updated Nintendo Switch have been making the rounds for several months now, and it looks like we'll see them this year.

According to a new report via The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has moved manufacturing from China to Southeast Asia in an effort to avoid proposed United States trade tariffs on tech made in China. If the tariffs do go through,m companies could see themselves forking out a whopping 25 percent tax on any electronics made in China.

Instead of absorbing these additional costs or passing them on to consumers (making consoles significantly more expensive), a relocation of manufacturing would side-step these issues.

The report further states that along with moving current Switch manufacturing, Nintendo has already commenced production on two new Switch models. One is rumoured to be similar to the current console but is said to feature improved components, while the second model will see a more significant redesign and a lower entry-level price.

Historically, Nintendo has iterated heavily on its handheld consoles with multiple versions of each model making their way to market.

What improvements would you like to see made, should the rumours prove true, and we do see a new Nintendo Switch Model? Let us know in the comments below!