If you're feeling the need to subjugate the human race, THQ Nordic has some great news for you – a remake of Destroy All Humans is on the way.

Announced just before E3 with a catchy trailer set to Rammstein's 'Ich Will,' the cult classic remake will be coming to consoles and PC next year.

The original 2005 title was set in 1959 and saw Cryptosporidium137 (Crypto) working to dominate Earth and harvest human DNA, all while bringing down the government.

The 2020 remake stays true to the original, with a few improvements. The most notable – as detailed by Engadget – allows players to use their psychokinetic (PK) abilities alongside their arsenal of weapons – something that wasn't possible in the first.

Original voice actors are returning to re-record their lines, while an all new level set in Area 42 (not 51) will also be included.