Ahead of what will be a huge week in gaming news, Baldur's Gate 3 has been officially announced.

Revealed at the recent Google Stadia Connect with a grim CGI trailer (seen below), Baldur's Gate 3 is being developed by Larian, the studio responsible for the incredible Divinity: Original Sin 2.

The upcoming sequel is deep in development but the studio isn't ready to divulge many details. Speaking with IGN, Larian CEO, Swen Vincke stated "“The agreement is that we respect their lore, and that we base ourselves in D&D 5th edition, otherwise we wouldn't be doing it. They want us to make a really good video game that feels like you're playing Dungeons & Dragons on your computer, alone or with friends. And so that's really what we want to make.”

In the past, Larian has utilised their passionate community for feedback on its games, and while the development of Baldur's Gate 3 won't be crowdfunded like the studio's previous games, the studio will continue to leverage player feedback.

No release date has been announced and it's likely we won't see the game until the tail end of next year at the earliest. Larian knows how beloved the franchise is and is treating the IP with utmost respect and passion. Vincke stated, “We're not going to release it unless it is the game that it deserves to be."

Considering the phenomenal success of the studio's last game, Baldur's Gate 3 couldn't be in more capable hands.