Destiny developer Bungie has detailed its plans for the game's future – the most notable of which is that the base game will be going free-to-play.

This new iteration will be called Destiny 2: New Light, and will launch alongside the game's upcoming expansion on September 17.

New Light will offer all of Destiny 2's Year One content – including 'Curse of Osiris' and 'Warmind' DLC – for free. Additionally, all areas from Year Two will be accessible to players in New Light, although missions specific to the Forsaken expansion and Season Pass will require purchase.

Bungie's new strategy will aim to reduce the barrier to entry for new content. Previously, players were required to own all previous DLC in order to access a new expansion; but New Light will have an à la carte style system where content like Shadowkeep can be purchased without the need to own Forsaken.

There will no longer be any console-exclusive items going forward either.

Leaked details for the Shadowkeep expansion turned out to be accurate, sending Guardians back to Earth's Moon to take on a new Hive threat.

A new teaser (seen above) featuring the gloomy Eris Morn paints a picture of new horrors to shoot and loot, hearkening back to the first Destiny's 'Dark Below' content.

Today's roadmap marks the first moves taken by the studio since its split from Activision back in January. As such, the PC version will no longer be exclusive to the Launcher, and will be coming to Steam soon.

Best of all, cross platform support will also be implemented so that Guardians can play the same character across multiple platforms – maintaining their progress along the way.

While previous rumours stated that Sony was reluctant to come to the table, however it seems recent meetings managed to sway them. Cross platform for Destiny 2 will be supported on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and the just-announced version coming to Google Stadia.