Square Enix has announced the next DLC expansion coming to Just Cause 4.

Titled "Los Demonios", the upcoming DLC will see Rico coming face to face with "the demonic forces from an ancient past" and will include new missions, tools and skills.

Among the new gear at Ricos disposal is the "Demon Crossbow" and the return of the liberation system from Just Cause 3. Check out the trailer for the "Los Demonios" expansion below.

Alongside the DLC, the game is also receiving a major update "with a number of improvements and additions that you have been asking for."

The update includes a major overhaul to the games lighting, UI and additional destructible objects including train bridges. Those not content with the challenge provided by the Black Hand, will also be please to see that the enemy factions AI has been improved, which means "jets can engage with you in dogfights, helicopters are more evasive, drones are less crash prone and vehicles will attempt to ram you off the road."

Check out the full patch notes here.

“Los Demonios,” will launch on July 3. Those who purchased the Gold Edition will be able to access the new content a week early on June 26.