Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched its own production studio with the intention of adapting its gaming titles into films and television series.

PlayStation Productions will operate out of the Sony Pictures lot, and will be headed up by Asad Qizilbash while overseen by Worldwide Studios chairman, Shawn Layden.

"We’ve got 25 years of game development experience and that’s created 25 years of great games, franchises and stories," Layden told The Hollywood Reporter. "We feel that now is a good time to look at other media opportunities across streaming or film or television to give our worlds life in another spectrum."

SIE already boasts over 100 original IP to draw from, including God of War, inFamous, Shadow of the Colossus, and more.

The studio will take inspiration from the likes of Marvel Studios, which has successfully turned its comic book IPs into Hollywood blockbusters.

Instead of trying to adapt games into films – a process that has resulted in some truly terrible movies – Sony instead plans to take the "ethos" of a game, and write a script around that.

"We want to create an opportunity for fans of our games to have more touch points with our franchises," Layden continued. "When fans beat a 40-50 hour game and have to wait three-four years for a sequel, we want to give them places they can go and still have more of that experience and see the characters they love evolve in different ways."

It will be curious to see what this means for the film adaptions of Uncharted or The Last of Us, which both seem to have fallen into development limbo.