A new report from Kotaku indicates that Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software will no longer be the lead developers on 2020's Call of Duty title.

The 2020 release will now be headed up by Treyarch Studios, which just released Black Ops 4 last year.

Activision's decision to put Treyarch is, according to Kotaku, due to tensions between Sledgehammer and Raven, whose staff have been in constant arguments during the past year of development.

This was to be the first time Raven Software were to take a lead role in developing an entry in the series. Since 2012, the Call of Duty franchise has been under a three-studio rotation, moving from Treyarch, to Infinity Ward, to Sledgehammer, with Raven Software acting as support for each studio.

Going forward, both Sledgehammer and Raven will work in a supporting role to Treyarch, which intends to use existing assets from the 2020 titles to create Black Ops 5.

Thankfully, it sounds like both projects were intended to take place during the Cold War, so finger's crossed there's a good amount of reusable assets.