If you own PSVR, it's highly likely that you've checked out The Persistence(you really should give it a go if not). For those not lucky enough to own the rather expensive VR setup, an upcoming free update will open up the option to play the game on a standard screen setup.

Firespite Studio's game director Stuart Tiley announced the news in a post on the PlayStation Blog, stating "The Complete Edition is going to be the next free update for everyone that already owns the game, and for the first time ever, this update will make The Persistence playable on what we now fondly call ‘flat screen TVs.’ Bringing The Persistence to non-VR displays will allow even more people to discover the terror of space in this unique blend of roguelike and sci-fi horror."

Tiley further stated "as well as a whole host of gameplay tuning, the Complete Edition will include significant graphical improvements" and that the update will feature "4K at 60 frames per second on the PS4 Pro, and 1080p at 60 frames per second on PS4." The stuido is also adding "brand new camera animations to ensure a natural sense of movement around the ship."

Those worried that the game's controls may feel a bit off outside of VR need not worry as "a huge focus has been put into ensuring that you can pull off the same quick and accurate maneuvers when playing on a flat screen. There is also a brand-new way to interact with objects and collect pick-ups." and the games "Gravity Hook has proven to be difficult to use accurately in non-VR play, so they now have new ways to fire them when you are playing on your TV."

These changes should translate to a smooth experience for those wanting to play the game on a monitor or TV.

As for a release date, nothing has been confirmed yet but the "free update is getting close to being complete."

Check out the trailer for The Persistence: Complete Edition below!