While the surprise may have been spoiled by a few leaks yesterday, Ubisoft has today announced Ghost Recon Breakpoint – releasing October 4.

Set in the pacific archipelago of Auroa, players will traverse a lush forest wilderness, inhabited by the Silicon Valley giant, Skell Technology – a company that specialises in AI drones.

When communications go dark on the island, you and your fellow Ghosts are sent in to investigate, but quickly become the prey of an ex-military unit gone rogue.

Known as The Wolves, they're led by one of your past brothers-in-arms, Colonel Cole D. Walker (played by Jon Bernthal.) Walker was recently introduced in Wildlands as part of the Operation Oracle update. Ubisoft has stated this will act as a prelude to Breakpoint.

Gameplay will have a heavy emphasis on stealth, with cover available in foliage, bodies needing to be hidden, and drone combat used to your location hidden.

There will also be survival elements in Breakpoint where weapons can break, and injuries must be treated.

Solo, four-player Co-op, or PvP game modes will be available from launch – with progress carrying over between each.

Perks and abilities will be determined by distinct character classes, four of which will be available at launch. Additional classes will be added in the months after.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint releases October 4 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.