Epic Games has gained some serious first-person shooter clout with its hiring of Jason West.

The company is yet to confirm West's role at the company beyond a vague mention that he will be "contributing to Epic's development efforts.

West co-founded Infinity Ward alongside Vince Zampalla and Grant Collier in 2002, with the studio going on to produce some of the most celebrated Call of Duty titles in the franchise's history.

His credits (to name a few) included engineering lead on Call of Duty 1 & 2, project lead on Modern Warfare, and director on Modern Warfare 2.

West went on to co-found Respawn Entertainment in 2010 with Vince Zampalla after their less-than-amicable departure from Activision.

His departure from Respawn in 2013 was due to "family issues."

West isn't the only recent acquisition made by Epic, as the publisher purchased 3Lateral to further its in photo-realistic animation.

One can only hope that with his pedigree in the FPS genre, he'll be cooking up a new IP for the publisher. We hear that Epic is a big fan of exclusives for its store front.