Jedi: Fallen Order's panel at the Star Wars Celebration event has unveiled a number of new details for the game – including its first trailer.

Set after the events of Episode III, the story of Fallen Order will follow a padawan called Cal Kestis who survived the devastating Order 66.

Kestis is played by actor Cameron Monaghan – known for his roles on Shameless and Gotham.

First mentioned at EA's press conference during E3 2018, little has been known about Respawn's title – but shortly before the panel Respawn confirmed the game would contain no multiplayer, and no microtransactions. It seems the studio has some clout over its publisher thanks to the success of Apex Legends.

Fallen Order's game director is Stig Asmussen, whose previous credits include God of War 3. Despite the game's setting in a world where Jedi are outlawed, Asmussen noted the game would still deliver intense lightsaber battles that combine melee combat and Force abilities.

Jedi: Fallen Order releases November 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.