Now that Bungie is the master of its own IP once again, the developers have announced the next big event coming to Destiny 2.

The limited-time event, dubbed 'The Revelry' will commence April 16 through May 7 and will add new content, a new are and a new Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle for players to get their itchy trigger fingers on.

'The Revelry' will introduce a new area called Verdant Forest, which adds objective-based battles players will need to fend off in order to come up against a wave of bosses. Much like the majority of Destiny, the content can be tackled alone but will be significantly easier to manage in a squad.

During the event, players will be granted access to the 'Reveler's Tonic, which will need to be filled with 'Reveler's Essence' by eliminating the Verdant Forest's bosses and ticking off select in-game tasks. Once filled, the tonic can be consumed to reduce the cooldown on melee attacks, grenades, or class abilities. Players can increase the effectiveness of the 'Reveler's Tonic' by equipping parts of the Inaugural Revelry or Vernal Growth armour sets. The effects of the armour and the new tonic will apply across all game modes, with the exception of Private Matches and will remain throughout the limited-time event.

Reveler's Essence can be turned in to Eva in exchange for "assorted rewards, including world drops, Enhancement Cores, and ornaments for the Inaugural Revelry helmet."

Check out the trailer below for a look at what's coming to Destiny 2 during 'The Revelry' on April 16.