After years of waiting, PlayStation gamers can now change their PSN names.

First announced in October, Sony confirmed the service rollout this morning, with SIE chairman Shawn Layden adding "sorry to have kept you waiting. Took more time to sort this out than I thought."

A full walkthrough of the name change process can be found over at the PlayStation Blog, where a number of FAQs have also been addressed.

The service will be free to use for the first change, while additional change requests will come with a fee of approximately NZD$15, or NZD$7 for PlayStation Plus users.

Sony has stated that all games published after April 1 2018 will support the name change, while titles that came out prior will require players to revert to their old PSN ID.

Players can check a full list of titles affected, the most notable of which include Grand Theft Auto V, Bloodborne, and Warframe.