In today's dose of excellent news, it's being reported that a mad genius millionaire wants to create his very own real-life version of the famous Battle Royale game type.

Spotted over at LadBible, the gentleman with too much money is aiming to create a three-day event where competitors will be kitted out with all of the necessary gear for surviving and eliminating opponents on the secluded island.

Posted on a website for the ridiculously rich, Hush Hush{I feel poorer just browsing that site), a post appeared, looking for a someone to "help design the arena for a 100-person battle royale inspired event", paying roughly NZD $87000 for the estimated six-week project.

The post states "Contestants will be provided with Airsoft guns, ammo and touch-sensitive body armour for a three-day event." and that "Competitors will then camp for the night. Food, camping gear and all the necessary equipment will be provided."

Being provided with everything you need for survival goes against one of the cores of the Battle Royale genre, which sees players dropping into a map with little more than their wits as they have to desperately scramble to find weapons and equipment. I think it'd be a much more interesting idea if the real-life version does something along these lines too. After all, how hard is survival if you're handed everything you need right off the bat?

The event is scheduled to run across three days, with twelve hours of competition each day, with the 'last person standing' winning a massive £100,000 jackpot (roughly NZD $190000) for their efforts.

The whole thing sounds like the start of a movie, and I can see others following suit with similar events around the world. I wouldn't even be surprised if the idea gets picked up for a reality TV Show. Come on Netflix, make it happen!

Would you enter the real-life Battle Royale competition if given a chance?