During its latest 2018 financial results presentation, CD Projekt Red announced that it's showing at this year's E3 will be it's “most important one ever".

CD Projekt Red president and CEO Adam Kiciński stated that "Last year's E3 has been the most important one so far throughout the whole CD Projekt history. But this year's is going to be the most important one ever for us. We have really prepared a strong show." He further added that the company had expanded its current facilities by adding a new office space, with the intention of growing it's staff roster significantly.

When quizzed by investors about whether the new space would be used for further Cyberpunk 2077 development or a different project, Kiciński elaborated that it's for the developers next production and "because the Cyberpunk team is not going to grow that much anymore. But as a company, we are going to grow indeed. In our industry, creative capacities are in direct proportion to the team sizes because it's people doing and creating what we are selling. We don't plan to stop at a certain level."

Understandably, the investors pushed for further information on the next project but were stonewalled by Kiciński stating "It's too early to go into details just now... We are doing a lot of things we don't communicate, and I'm not saying another Cyberpunk product is or is not being developed. It's just that there are a few things we're not discussing just yet because the time is not right.” How very cryptic....

Of further note was the studio's announcement that it's spinoff card game, Gwent will be making its way to iPhone later this year, with an Android release set to arrive "at a later date."

News broke last week that the studio confirmed it would be releasing two triple-A games by 2021, with Cyberpunk 2077 and the unannounced title filling this particular release window,

Check out the full, translated financial results presentation below.