Since its announcement, I've thought Square Enix's Left Alive looked like it still had a lot of refinement needed before launch. Just look at the gameplay trailer below, and you'll see what I mean. How about that crouching animation?...

Fast forward to now, and the game is out in Japan and does not look to be doing too well. According to Siliconera, streaming of the title has been completely disabled for Japanese players. On top of that, the game is already seeing a heavy discount on Amazon Japan, where it has also seen a wave of negative reviews, leading to a 1.5-star rating.

Releasing a poorly optimized game is bad enough, but treading into the murky waters of controlling what the public can share is about as shady as it gets. One thing is certain, moves like this do nothing but have a negative effect on gamers perception of the publisher and game. We're a bit too savvy to fall for that folks.

Left Alive is set to release on March 5th for PlayStation 4.