Now that Sony has chosen to forgo E3 this year, the pressure is on both Nintendo and Microsoft to bring their best to the show.

Outlets JeuxVideo and Thurrott, released a report stating that Microsoft will be pulling back the curtain on its next-generation systems at E3 this year. The rumour notes that Microsoft will introduce two different systems, with one version being digital-only and carrying a lower entry-level price, while the showstopper will be a more traditional fully-featured console, similar to the Xbox One X in terms of pricing.

The rumour indicates that these systems will see a US release during Fall 2020 (between September-December 2020 for us Kiwis). In the interim, it looks like Microsoft will also be releasing a disc-less Xbox one in the next few months.

Also of note, the publications sources indicate that Microsoft will release Halo Infinite at the end of 2020 on both Xbox One and the next-gen systems, in an effort to "get rid of the concept of generations of consoles." The report further states that along with a new engine, Halo Infinite's team is attempting to make the story adapt to player decisions with the game rumoured to feature RPG elements, in a first for the series. It would make sense for the new system to launch with what is arguably Microsoft's most significant first-party IP.

If these rumours turn out to be true, we're in for one hell of an E3 this year, despite one of the big three console companies skipping the event. I still think we'll see Sony announce their next-gen system this year, but the race is on to see who makes it out of the gate first.

Who do you think will announce/release first? Let us know in the comments below!