Red Hook Studios has announced that it is making Darkest Dungeon 2, a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed RPG roguelike Darkest Dungeon.

Speaking exclusively to PC Gamer, Red Hook studios are staying tight-lipped on the details but did confirm that the first game's combat system will be making a welcome return with "significant tune-ups" to its mechanics.

The developers stated that Darkest Dungeon 2 will see players "enduring a gruelling journey". A small team of five created the first game, but this time around the studio has been "growing staff to match scope more reliably and realistically".

The game is set to make its way to Early Access initially, but will likely see a release on the major consoles too.

Check out the teaser trailer below which features six characters standing in front of the snow-capped mountain players are likely to explore and murder all manner of monsters in.

Check out the full interview over at PC Gamer.