For years, Media Molecule's Dreams has been the object of speculation, with many still wondering the fundamental question of "what is it?"

That's likely to change very soon, with the game's first beta beginning on December 19.

The beta's focus will be on the game's creation tools, with some social features also available. There'll also be some mini-games that were made by the design team.

Player's will be able to play in co-op, although creation mode will be limited to single-player for the beta. Support for PSVR will not be included in the beta, with the developer noting they would speak to this "closer to release."

Creations from the beta will carry over to the final game, however a player's persona and quest progression will reset for the final game.

Access to the beta will first be granted to those that subscribed to the Media Molecule Newsletter before December 7.

General sign-ups will open January 4, with waves of invitations beginning on the 8th. The beta will conclude for everyone on January 21.

There are a few conditions to the beta, including an NDA that will prohibit beta testers from sharing, streaming, or posting to social media.

The beta will only be available to those over the age of 18 – although Media Molecule notes that this is not reflective of the game's final rating.

PlayStation Plus won't be required, although for obvious reasons, players will need a connection to the PlayStation Network. The beta will be limited to "EU, AUS, Middle East, Canada, Africa and US participants"

We've reached out to Sony to confirm whether New Zealand is included in those regions.