Bethesda is dousing more flames associated with the dumpster fire that is Fallout 76's launch.

As if the poor reception to the game wasn't enough, Bethesda's customer service team are needing a few attempts to get things right as well.

Bethesda to replace Fallout nylon bag with canvas version
Bethesda to replace Fallout nylon bag with canvas version

After failing to ship the game's Power Armor Edition with the advertised canvas bag, many fans were angry when they received a cheap, nylon bag instead.

Bethesda's first response stated that the canvas bag was a prototype and would cost too much to manufacture. It also noted that it did not plan to make any amends to its customers.

After a customer outcry that anyone could have seen coming, Bethesda offered in-game credit to the total of 500 Atoms – which some pointed out isn't even enough to buy a canvas bag in-game.

Fast-forward to today, and Bethesda has confirmed it will honour the original promotion:

Here's hoping this puts the matter to bed so the developer can get back to working on additional updates for bug-fixes, quality of life, and [hopefully] more content.