Microsoft has been making some major moves recently in acquiring quite a few huge triple-A developers and studios.

After the recent acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment and InXile, the company is looking well and truly ready to start releasing some console exclusives. Sony has had a monumental run of console exclusives in recent years and it's no secret that Xbox fans have been left out in the cold for just a little bit too long.

Today news broke that Microsoft has added yet another developer with some serious chops to join their recently founded internal studio, The Initiative. Insomniac's Drew Murray, who worked as a Lead Designer for Resistance 3 announced on Twitter that he will be joining the newly formed Microsoft Studio. Murray was also the Director for Insomniac's phenomenal, yet under-appreciated Sunset Overdrive so will hopefully bring some of Insomniac's unique sensibilities to whatever project he works on next for The Initiative.

Check out Murray's Tweet below.

I'm personally starting to get very excited by all of these big moves Microsoft is making and hope it leads to a bunch of amazing exclusives in the coming years.