Just Cause 4 is out in just over two weeks and with it comes this huge new trailer showing off some of the many new additions and refinements to its wildly over-the-top open world sandbox.

With the action unfolding in a fictional South Amercian city of Solis, the deep dive trailer shows off the largest play space in the series' history, featuring a gorgeous range of biomes for players to explore and destroy. The series' signature insanity has been ratcheted up to 11 for the latest entry, with a massive range of upgrades and variables to tweak Rico's already impressive arsenal of gadgets and weapons.

Thanks to the new Apex engine, incredible natural events like tornadoes and sandstorms are sure to make Just Cause 4 the biggest, most explosive entry in the series to date. Just take a look at the trailer below and see the insanity for yourself. It really has been a superb year for open-world games.

You can pre-order Just Cause 4 at Mighty Ape now for release day delivery on December 4.