Gamers are an eagle-eyed bunch. We're always scraping the depths of the internet for leaks and hints at things to come.

Someone has spotted a lovely little tidbit on the unlucky Square-Enix staffer's Linkedin page. Luminous 3D's Lead Character Model Artist, Tomohiro Tokoro profile included mention of a "New AAA title for PS5". The page, as expected was updated to remove the listing, but thanks to the impossible nature of removing anything from the internet, we've got a snapshot of the resume below.

It looks like Square-Enix is working on a PS5 title.

We're most likely only a year or two away from the next-gen consoles, so it makes sense that studios are well under way in developing games for them.

What Square-Enix series would you most like to see first on the next-generation of consoles? Fingers crossed for Chrono Trigger!