Vampyr developers DontNod's latest financial report has quietly stated that the blood-sucking adventure will be making it's way to the Nintendo Switch.

The report states "In Q3, the Group will continue to maximise the potential of the Vampyr licence. After the game's impressive success on PC, Xbox One and PS4, it will be Nintendo Switch's turn to welcome the DontNod title to reach an even wider audience."

We enjoyed Vampyr and thought it "took a few risks, and travels a darker, less explored path. It may stumble in the dark a little, and some of the rougher edges can snag and pull you off the path from time to time, but the journey is exciting, fresh, and always interesting".

I've still not had the chance to play it myself, so a Switch version will make it a lot easier to finally do so.

Order Vampyr now at Mighty Ape if you don't want to wait for the Switch release..