Sometimes it's hard to see all the blood, sweat and tears that go into a game once all the polish had been completed.

Thankfully, Sony Santa Monica has released a hilarious blooper reel for their smash hit God of War, and it's jam-packed full of bugs.

Highlights include one-armed Kratos, Hellraiser Atreus, and a statue blasting off into space (likely because his people need him.)

It's so great to get a peek behind the scenes into issues that likely had developers tearing their hair out in frustration. Thankfully they can laugh about it now, right?

Thankfully, none of these glitches made their way into the final product, which Gameplanet's Chris Brown scored a 10/10 – calling the game a "genre redifining epic."

Good to see even the best have to slog through the same troubles and tribulations.