I'm now thirty one years old and am still waiting for that elusive day where I become a 'grown-up'. I'm pretty sure it's never going to happen. I'm fine with that. It means I can buy things like this amazing Overwatch LEGO Omnic Bastion and feel no guilt at all.

If you've got a spare $25USD (about $39 in NZ), He's available to order right now from the Blizzard Gear Store.

The set contains 182 pieces and stands just shy of five inches once assembled. Bastion's little bird buddy, Ganymede is also included in the set, which makes it a must-buy for me.

Blizzard has plans to release "a full collection of LEGO Overwatch building sets" and Minifigs based on the game's awesome roster of characters.

I'm personally hoping for a LEGO McCree Minifig, which I'll promptly throw in a fire.