Guerilla Games, the developers behind Killzone and the critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn has recently hired a couple of veterans from Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege team to work on a secret title.

The news, which was first spotted by a ResetEra user, noted that two former R6: Siege devs, including game dircector Simon Larouche, moved over to Guerilla Games this year to work on the unannounced project. Larouche also previously worked on Killzone 2's multiplayer so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume this is why he has returned.

All signs point to multiplayer as both of the developers hired have a wealth of shared expertise in the area. It's highly likely that this could be for the next entry in the Killzone series or Guerilla could be looking to introduce some form of multi-player to the inevitable Horizon sequel.

We're yet to hear anything official from Guerilla Games so this news is all speculation at this point. No matter what it is, I'm sure we'll be in for something incredible.

What do you hope their next game is? A Horizon or Killzone sequel or something entirely new?