If the Wall Street Journal in Japan is to be trusted, we could see a new version of the Nintendo Switch as soon as next year. The story claims that suppliers and “others with direct knowledge of the plan” corroborate the news that Nintendo wants " to maintain the sales momentum of the device" by making us all buy another console.

Wall Street Journal sources reported that there are ongoing discussions about new hardware and software additions for the hybrid console. Nintendo has already sold nearly 20 million Switches and has a history of releasing different versions of its flagship handhelds so this should come as no surprise to those that have three different 3DS consoles already.

Too many new features could potentially divide the player-base and cause confusion for unknowing shoppers, so I think we'll mostly see aesthetic changes like a Nintendo Switch Slim or XL for those with giant hands.

I've been contemplating buying a second console, so I can steal the Switch back from my Stardew Valley obsessed wife but I suppose I'll just wait and see what the next iteration brings now.

What features or changes would you like to see made to the Nintendo Switch?