Those out there with the greenest of green thumbs have a new game to look forward to.

Devolver Digital, the bad-boy of game publishers has just announced Weedcraft Inc. – a new tycoon simulator based around growing a marijuana empire.

Developed by Polish studio Vile Monarch, the simulator will task players with managing resources to produce and distribute their killer crop of weed.

“Right now, it’s like the end of Prohibition meets the Gold Rush,” Weedcraft's main writer Scott Alexander told Polygon. “The federal illegality combined with the state-by-state legalization has created a financial morass and just a weird, interesting place. And we thought, ‘Well, that’s a tycoon game waiting to happen.’”

Along the way, weed tycoons will need to hire and manage their growing staff, while taking on competitors who are looking to stake out their own piece of the market. All of this will be set against the political backdrop of the expanding decriminalisation of marijuana, with cops to bribe and politicians to lobby, all while maximising profits.

While the publisher has only stated a PC release date of 2019, we'd put money on the precise date being April 20th.