Indie publisher Digerati has confirmed the release dates for its stylish looking action RPG, Fall of Light: Darkest Edition. Originally release on Steam in 2017 ,the Darkest Edition will be available to download 14 August on Xbox One, 21/22 August on PS4, and 23 August on Nintendo Switch.

Fall of Light: Darkest Edition will feature all of the original games content as well as an all-new dungeon, new enemies, traps and weapons, created especially for the Darkest Edition.

Fall of Light is a story-driven action RPG set in a world plagued by an all-consuming darkness. Players will take on the role of Nyx, a seasoned warrior who has embarked on a dangerous journey with his daughter, Aether, an ‘indigo child’ who handily radiates light. Only together will they be strong enough to complete their quest: reach the last place on Earth still touched by sunlight.

The game features a strikingly simple art style and looks to take heavy inspiration from games like Ico and Dark Souls with a dash of Diablo for good measure.

Fall of Light flew under my radar last year. It looks like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch so I'll definitely be checking it out in when it releases next week.

Did anyone check out Fall of Light on PC last year? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!