QuakeCon was full of reveals and announcements over the weekend, a notable one being that Escalation Studios got a new name; Bethesda Game Studios Dallas.

The developer was acquired by ZeniMax in February 2017 after its work on the celebrated SnapMap game editor from id Software's 2016 Doom.

The studio will now be Bethesda's second Texas-based studio and fourth overall.

"We've been working with Tom, Marc, and the team at Escalation for a long time," said Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard. "They've already delivered amazing games with us, and we knew we could do even bigger things together."

Escalation also contributed to the VR editions of Skyrim and Fallout

Bethesda Game Studios Dallas are currently working on Elder Scrolls: Blades and Fallout 76, as well as the recently announced Starfield.

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