After a long weekend of frame counting and perfectly executed timing, the biggest fighting game tournament of the year, EVO 2018 has come to a thrilling conclusion.

Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, EVO 2018 saw competitors from all over the world gather to test their skills against the best.

While not a win in itself, Terrelle ‘Lil Majin’ Jackson showed his incredible skill at EVO's Tekken 7 bracket, making it to third place. What makes this achievement so special is the fact that since Tekken 7 launched, not a single American has even placed in the top 8.

Another major win was Problem X, dominating and taking home the first Street Fighter 5 EVO win for the UK. It will be interesting to see how things go next year with some newly formed rivalries and chances at redemption.

For a great look at the highlights, be sure to check out theScore esports coverage as seen below:

With the dust having now settled, let's take a look at who placed in the top 8 for the biggest games.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition — Results

1. Problem X (M. Bison, Abigail)
2. Tokido (Akuma)
3. Fuudo (R. Mika)
4. Gachikun (Rashid)
5. Luffy (R. Mika)
5. Fujimura (Ibuki)
7. CoolKid93 (Abigail)
7. Caba (Guile)

Dragon Ball FighterZ — Results

1. SonicFox (Bardock, Fused Zamasu, Android 16)
2. Go1 (Cell, Bardock, Vegeta)
3. Fenrich (Cell, Bardock, Vegeta)
4. Moke (Kid Buu, Cell, Trunks)
5. Kazunoko (Kid Buu, Adult Gohan, Yamcha)
5. KnowKami (Android 21, Cell, Goku Black | Cell, Fused Zamasu, Kid Buu)
7. Supernoon (Kid Buu, Cell, Vegeta)
7. Kubo (Adult Gohan, Android 16, Goku)

Tekken 7 — Results

1. LowHigh (Shaheen, Bryan, Kazuya)
2. Qudans (Devil Jin)
3. Lil Majin (King)
4. JDCR (Dragunov)
5. Rangchu (Panda)
5. Book (Jin)
7. Noroma (JACK-7, Dragunov)
7. Chirichiri (Shaheen)

Super Smash Bros. Melee — Results

1. Leffen (Fox)
2. Armada (Peach, Fox)
3. Plup (Sheik)
4. Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
5. Mango (Falco)
5. Wizzrobe (Captain Falcon)
7. Swedish Delight (Sheik)
7. S2J (Captain Falcon)

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 — Results

1. Omito (Johnny)
2. Surugaya|Machabo (Ky)
3. LostSoul (Elphelt)
4. Nage (Faust)
5. Yoshimoto|Zadi (Raven)
5. Rion (Ky)
7. Fumo (Elphelt)
7. Mikado|Teresa (Jam)

Super Smash Bros. 4 — Results

1. Lima (Bayonetta)
2. CaptainZack (Bayonetta)
3. Nietono (Sheik, Diddy Kong)
4. Mistake (Bayonetta)
5. MVD (Diddy Kong)
5. Mr. E (Lucina)
7. Raito (Duck Hunt)
7. Choco (Zero Suit Samus)

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle — Results

1. Heiho (Ruby, Gordeau)
2. Fame96 (Yu, Jin)
3. DoraBang (Hazama, ν -No.13-)
4. KojiKOG (Tager, Waldstein)
5. Kazunoko (Ruby, Gordeau)
5. Fenrich (Jin, Hyde)
7. Gouda (Gordeau, ν -No.13-)
7. DettyWhiteRock (Yang, Waldstein)

Injustice 2 — Results

1. Rewind (Catwoman, Black Adam, Blue Beetle, Firestorm)
2. Tweedy (Starfire, Doctor Fate)
3. SonicFox (Starfire, Firestorm, Red Hood, Black Manta)
4. BigD (Poison Ivy)
5. Hayatei (Robin)
5. Noble|Semiij (Catwoman)
7. Method|SylverRye (Hellboy)
7. Biohazard (Bane, Cheetah, Starfire, Black Manta)