Hearthstone's next expansion pack has been announced, and will release on August 8.

Starring the infamous Dr. Boom, The Boomsday Project expansion pack will introduce 135 new cards, new card types and keywords into the game.

Players will be invited to join Dr. Boom's research team as intrepid scientists [read: unwitting test subjects], helping him with his latest creations.

Set against the backdrop of his Netherstorm laboratory, the expansion will have a heavy focus on Mech based minions and abilities, but will also supercharge players with nine Legendary Spells.

A new 'Magnetic' mechanic will be introduced in 'Boomsday', allowing players to merge Mech minions to combine their attack, health and abilities.

Projects cards can also be added to a player's deck that offer spells with effects that appear to benefit both players – although "appearances can be deceiving."

Furthermore, new Omega cards will be available, offering incredible rewards when played at 10 mana crystals.

The expansion will also add a new single-player experience with The Puzzle Lab, although developer Blizzard has noted that details surrounding this are to be revealed "in the weeks ahead"

The Boomsday Project expansion will be available from August 8 on PC, Tablet and Mobile devices, with pre-purchases available from today.