Blizzard's recent Overwatch charity campaign that let players purchase a pink skin for Mercy has been a monumental success.

Sales of the skin and the special t-shirt raised a whopping 12.7 million, the single largest donation by a corporate partner in the organisation's 25 year history, according to a statement released by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation today.

Blizzard also partnered with over a dozen popular Overwatch streamers, who raised $130,000 respectively during the two weeks the campaign ran.

Blizard CEO Mike Morhaime said the BCRF does critical work to help support women's health. It's inspiring to see a massive company like Blizzard using their sway with gamers for such a deserving cause. Morhaime also stated "I'm grateful to all of the Overwatch players around the world who made supporting such a good cause possible with their enthusiasm for the game and their generosity".

While Blizzard initially encountered some push back from fans over the skin, they quickly confirmed that every cent of proceeds would go to the BCRF, with Blizzard not making a dime at all.

Let's hope this becomes a bit of a trend and we see more companies following in Blizzard's footsteps.

If you want to help on a more local level, please visit the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation and make a small donation. Every single cent helps.