It looks like EA is at it again, as today marks yet another studio acquisition for the mammoth company.

Electronic Arts has acquired Industrial Toys, a mobile developer started by ex-Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian. Industrial Toys will join EA as part of it's Worldwide Studios to "focus on new experiences".

With a small crew of only fourteen people, Industrial Toys may not be a name many are familiar with. the studio is best known for it's work on mobile games Midnight Star and its sequel.

Alex Seropian is perhaps most well known for co-founding Bungie and working on Halo: Combat Evolved. After Microsoft acquired Bungie, Seropian founded Wideload games which developed Stubbs The Zombie (hands up if you actually played it). Wideload was later acquired by Disney where Seropian was named the vice president of game development for Disney Interactive. In 2012 he left Disney to create Industrial Toys.

It will be interesting to see if Industrial Toys manage to avoid the dreaded EA studio death curse so many have now fallen victim to. Here's hoping they at least get to make a few games first.