Developer Digital Extremes, have announced that the popular free-to-play shooter Warframe is making it's way to the Nintendo Switch. The busy folks at Panic Button, who recently ported Doom, Rocket League & Wolfenstein II to the Switch will once again take the reigns for this version.

Warframe is a cooperative third-person shooter with both PVE and PVP combat with a heavy focus on fluid movement. With the game already out on PC, PS4 & Xbox One, it's seen a wealth of game-changing updates and improvements which have helped to build a solid fanbase, leading to it often showing up on Steam's most-played games list.

A short trailer was shown at TennoLive 2018 with mention of Co-Op. We're still waiting on more details including a release date, but it's highly likely we'll be able to take Warframe on the go before the year ends.

On top of the game coming to the Switch, Digital Extremes also announced a new expansion called Warframe: Fortuna. This expansion will add a huge second area and will also feature a hoverboard for players to traverse the environment in a fast new way.

Not willing to leave it at that, yet another expansion is set to arrive later in the year. Codename: Railjack will allow players to fully customize their own spacecraft and team up in four person squads. "You and your crew will need to coordinate responsibilities to survive -- from piloting the craft and manning the guns to tactical power management and hull repairs. Go on the offensive by coordinating a boarding party -- launch an Archwing assault from the Railjack and infiltrate enemy ships while the tactical commander stays aboard the Railjack to hijack turrets and provides crucial intel. Eliminate their crew, take out their reactor cores and get out before their ship explodes."

My Destiny squad recently lost a few members to Warframe, so I think it may be time to finally check it out once it arrives on the Switch.

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