It's starting to feel like a real zombie apocalypse will happen before we see the release of Dead Island 2, which was announced all the way back in 2014. With that game seemingly stuck in development limbo, we'll have to make do with a tower defense mobile game in the form of Dead Island: Survivors instead.

Shambling onto IOS and Android today, with a cinematic trailer that immediately made me think of Fortnite and Sunset Overdrive's art styles.

The free-to-play tower defense game will task players with building a base, placing traps and weapons to defend yourself against hordes of the walking d.. umm cartoon zombies.

With Dead Island: Survivors being free-to-play, it's of course loaded with in-app purchases all the way up to $100 which you can use to get gems. These are then used to purchase loot boxes and for upgrading your base. For anyone who has played a free-to-play title, you know exactly what to expect.

Dead Island: Survivors is most certainly not what fans are after right now. It may just be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping that this mobile release is a last-ditch effort to help fund further development of Dead Island 2.

I suppose if Dead Island 2 never sees the light of day, we can always look forward to the incredible looking Dying Light 2 which had an incredible showing at E3 this year.

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