Updates are inbound for Destiny 2, with changes being made to its Crucible PvP mode, introduction of Prestige modes for end-game Raid Lairs, and a roadmap for the rest of July's content releases.

Coming changes for Update 1.2.3 were detailed in developer Bungie's weekly Blog post on Friday.


Quickplay is increasing its team limits from 4v4 to 6v6, with score limits increasing for Control and Clash game modes to 150 and 100 respectively.

In addition, the Supremacy game mode will be removed from the Quickplay list and featured in its own weekly playlist. There, it will also update to a 6v6 player count and have a win score of 150 points.

Competitive PvP is also getting a slight tweak, with Coundown bomb fuses being shortened from 40 to 35 seconds before detonation.

As well as game mode changes, Bungie will be adjusting Valor, with playlists for Competitive, Crucible Labs, Iron Banner, and Trials of the Nine also allowing players to further their Valor Rank.

Furthermore, winning streaks will no longer be penalised when joining a match that is already underway. If a player wins the match their streak will increase, but if they lose no penalty will be incurred.

Similar adjustments are in the works for the competitive Glory ranks as well, while also matchmaking competitive players by their Glory Rank.

Prestige Raid Lairs

With the introduction of prestige mode to both Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds raid lairs, players will be faced with a number of new challenges, and more importantly; new loot.

400 Power level weapons will be rewarded any time a player completes all the encounters within a raid lair, limited to one run through per character each week. Rewards will pull from a loot table of all existing weapons in the game – not just raid weapons.

In addition to chasing the new power level cap, players can earn Raid Armor Ornaments unique to each raid lair. Furthermore, exotic masterwork catalysts are available as a rare drop, although for which weapons are yet to be confirmed.

Update 1.2.3 will launch three activity modifiers for prestige raid lairs, two of which have been built from the ground up specifically for the raid. The third will be prism.

"Loadouts are not locked inside the Prestige raid lair," explained senior raid designer Joe Blackburn. "You can bring tons of different guns into a raid lair and swap between them at will as long as the gun meets the required curation.

"For example, if you were doing Spire of Stars and the loadout is [Auto Rifle/Submachine Gun/Sniper Rifle], you might want to use Suros Regime for Val Ca’uor Phase 1, but swap to Ghost Primus for Val Ca’uor Phase 2 so you can equip D.A.R.C.I. for boss damage."

Both modifiers and curated loadouts will be exclusive to prestige raid lairs, with no changes being made to the original prestige Leviathan raid already available in game.

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