Bethesda Softworks has filed a lawsuit against Behaviour Interactive and Warner Bros. Entertainment, claiming the mobile game Westworld is a "blatant rip-off" of Bethesda's own Fallout Shelter.

Behaviour Interactive assisted in the development of Fallout Shelter and is now being sued "for breach of its contract regarding the development and ownership of Fallout Shelter," while Warner Bros. Entertainment has also been sued "for inducement to breach that contract."

The lawsuit states that the Westworld game is a blatant rip-off, noting that "working with the same copyrighted computer code used by Fallout Shelter, Westworld has the same or highly similar game design, art style, animations, features and other gameplay elements as Fallout Shelter, all of which are owned by Bethesda."

Even one with a cursory knowledge of Fallout Shelter can spot the numerous similarities between the two, however the biggest clue towards Behaviour's breach of copyright comes in the form of a bug.

As stated by Bethesda, while in Westworld's demonstration mode, "the view is out-of-focus and the scene that appears is far to the right and below the targeted landscape image. It is as if a camera capturing the scene had been inadvertently pointed to the lower right foreground and then slowly refocuses on the central image.

The exact same issue appeared in pre-launch versions of Fallout Shelter but was fixed before the game's release.

Bethesda will be seeking compensation for damages, while also demanding that the game in its current form be removed from app stores.

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