After the reveal that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice would feature a resurrection system, some fans have voiced concern that FromSoftware's latest title would be much easier than its predecessors.

Those fans can now rest easy, as the studio has confirmed that Sekiro could well be harder than any Bloodborne or Dark Souls games.

In an interview with Gamespot, FromSoftware president and Sekiro director Hidetaka Miyazaki stated the game is "probably even more challenging than previous From games."

"We think the level of enjoyment is going to really vary and be very broad from player to player," Miyazaki continued. "If you are that player who likes to take their time and carefully piece things together and learn the enemies' weaknesses and positioning, and observe everything, you're going to have a great time.

"It's that sense of discovery as you explore the three-dimensional maps--you're going to find something, maybe a new prosthetic tool that makes you think, 'Hey, why don't I use this against that enemy?' When that clicks and when it works, that's going to be the sense of satisfaction for that player.

Miyazaki added "Whereas the other [player] who just likes to rush in there, go katana-on-katana and feel that blade-to-blade, blow-by-blow gameplay, they're going to feel that intensity. They're going to get that really high level challenge that's probably even more challenging than previous From games. So we feel everyone's going to be able to have something to suit them."

While its E3 announcement only alluded to a 2019 release, you can pre-order Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice now from Mighty Ape.

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