The crazy folks at Wargaming Studios have gone football mad and brought back the insanely fun Soccer Mode and new tanks with special abilities to their smash hit online warfare title World of Tanks.

While a normal match in World of Tanks sees players employing strategy and cunning to out-smart and out-gun their opponents, Soccer Mode throws combatants from the battlefield onto a soccer pitch and ups the ante by adding a huge over-sized soccer ball for tanks to fight for control and try to shoot into the oppositions goal.

Matches see two teams of three players fight on the field where only special maps and tanks are used. A winner is announced at the end of seven minutes of if a team scores three goals, whichever comes first.

"With the other additions made for this year’s mode, one of the biggest changes is the introduction of role-specific tanks. Each tank role has a special ability so you can really make the best of their strengths and these tanks will have differing stats to their Tech Tree counterparts."

Matches take place across three locations; the new Lev Yashin Stadium, as well as upgraded Himmelstadium, and Lost Stadium that appeared in Soccer mode two years ago.

As an extra special touch, along with regular commentators is an extra special guest. If you're lucky enough, you'll occasionally hear Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon, the goalkeeper for Juventus reporting on the match form the sidelines along with the other two commentators.

Players can also purchase camo patterns and emblems with in-game Gold to add that extra dash of menace to their tanks.

World of Tanks celebrates World Cup with Soccer Mode
Deck your tank out with fancy camp paint jobs.

Wargamaming Stuidos plan to have several tournaments over the coming month, with details to follow.

If you've checked out the new Soccer Mode, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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