Fresh from his Microsoft visit this morning, Bethesda Game Studios Director, Todd Howard took to the stage to talk Fallout 76, announcing that the title would be an shared online world.

"We've always wanted to tell the story of what it was like for you and other characters to be the first to leave the vault," said Howard "but there's one big difference with this game, and it's that each of those people is a real person because Fallout 76 is entirely online."

Noted earlier that day at Microsoft's press conference, the game will take place in a world four times the size of Fallout 4 and will feature all new lighting, rendering, and landscape technology that will allow for 16x the detail.

While online, the game will be available to play solo, and will feature quests, exploration and leveling in the same fashion as previous Fallout titles.

The game's story will take you through six distinct regions – each with their own style, risks, and rewards.

Described as "softcore survival," death won't mean the loss of progression or the loss of a character. Player counts will be in the dozens, not hundreds, not thousands. "It's the apocalypse, not an amusement park," Howard observes.

Despite the low player count in each world, Fallout 76 will provide dedicated servers "for

Players can join up with friends whenever they want and their progression will go with them.

Making a return is the building system from Fallout 4. Players can build wherever they want, and move those buildings wherever they want.

Nukes will also be part of in-game combat, with the keys to a launch site scattered for collection throughout an area. "We love dynamic game systems," noted Howard. "So we thought why not put multiple nuclear sites on the map, and let you all do what you want with them..."

After detonating a missile, players can gather rare and valuable resources from the fallout.

A beta test is coming soon before launch. "We know this is new to you, it's new to us as well... I've read on the internet that our games have had a few bugs." Dates for the 'Break-it Early Test Application' are yet to be announced.

Fallout 76 will release November 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is available to pre-order at Mighty Ape.

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