Bethesda took to the stage at its E3 Press Conference today with a strong list of announcements, and more than a few cringe-worthy moments.

Senior VP Pete Hines opened the show with a celebration of the company's diverse range of developers.

Hines made light of the recent leaks from Walmart Canada, noting that the store was "best known for their low prices and ability to keep a secret" as he introduced Rage 2 with a performance from Andrew WK.

A gameplay walkthrough highlighted non-stop combat and seemless transitions within an open world environment, as well as many quirky enemies that wouldn't feel out of place in a Borderlands title.

The game is set to release in Autumn 2019.

Next up was Elder Scrolls Legends, which is relaunching with "brand new, totally overhauled visuals" this year on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Those that play now on the already-available PC or mobile versions can carry their progress over to the new platforms via their BethesdaNet account.

Staying in the realm, Elder Scrolls Online's Game Director, Matt Firor then took to the stage – announcing the next two DLC game packs to be released in 2018.

Wolfhunter will introduce two new group dungeons; Moon Junter Keep and March of Sacrifices – both themed around Tamriel's werewolves. Later in the year Murkmire will release, offering a new zone and story content expansion themed around the Argonians.

Departing the world of Tamriel for the firey depths of hell, id Software's Doom Eternal was announced.

Few details were confirmed, but Mick Gordon will return with another epic soundtrack, while Hugo Martin will return as Creative Director for this sequel to the 2016 soft reboot.

"It's been so inspiring hearing you talk about what you'd like to see next – and we're right there with you," said Martin on stage. "You want the Doomslayer to be even more powerful? Well, we got it." Martin continued to state there would be twice as many "badass demons" in Eternal

Further details for Doom Eternal will be announced at QuakeCon in August.

Up next was Arkane Studios, with Production Director Susan Kath and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare detailing the new modes now available in Prey.

"The next time you fire up Prey you're gunna see three new modes," said Bare. "Story mode, New Game +, and Survivor mode – which should be an interesting challenge for our most hardcore fans."

In addition to the update, the studio announced a new DLC titled Mooncrash' which Bare described as a "new twist on Prey where all the enemies, hazards and loot are all different each time you play."
Mooncrash is available now.

Finally, the studio revealed one more game mode called Typhon Hunter, coming later this winter. Described as "a lethal game of hide and seek" by Kath, "where one player goes head to head against five other players who get to be mimics."

Machine Games then took to the stage to reveal Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Set in Paris 1980, the story follows the twin daughters of BJ Blazkowicz. The game will be a co-op experience, but is still possible to play solo.

Wrapping up both segments, Pete Hines returned to the stage to announce that Prey: Typhon Hunter will be available on VR.

A new Wolfenstein title called Cyberpilot will also be coming to VR, in which players are a hacker that can take over warmachines and turn them against their Nazi masters. Hines noted that the move to VR was part of Bethesda's "never-ending quest to bring the message of "Fuck Nazis" to every platform possible."

Moving into the Fallout section of the conference, Todd Howard took to the stage, first to announce that Fallout Shelter is now available on PlayStation 4 and Switch, then to joke about the next release of Skyrim.

Howard continued to detail the studio's upcoming release, Fallout 76 which we've split into its own article.

If that wasn't enough, Howard went on to hint at the next game the studio is working on.

The first completely-original franchise from Bethesda in 25 years, Starfield is a single player title that is in development for next-gen systems.

And because people won't stop asking about the next Elder Scrolls game, Howard closed out the show by confirming that Elder Scrolls VI is coming after Starfield. When that will be is anyone's guess.

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