Thanks to a lovely little faux pas on Steam's end, it looks like Just Cause 4 is definitely on the way. With the game appearing in the massive Walmart leak of 2018, we already suspected that we would see more during E3 this year. The new leak on Steam all bit confirms we'll definitely be seeing Rico in action next week.

The folks over at Kotaku were the first to spot this happy accident. Clicking on the add loops the user back to the steam home page, so no other details about the game are available yet.

Just Cause 4 confirmed on Steam
It looks like Rico Rodriguez is back!

It looks like Avalanche studios have been expanding in a big way recently. With the studio already confirmed to be developing Rage 2 for Bethesda & newly announced co-op shooter Generation Zero being self-published, it sure looks like Avalanche will have an E3 to remember.

While it's always fun to learn about a games existance prior to the official announcement, I can't help but feel the amount of leaks we've so far seen this year are taking away from the excitement of being surprised by the big show.

Stay tuned for all of the big announcements next week when E3 2018 kicks off!