A supposed leak and the migration of key staff to Infinity Ward has some convinced that next year’s Call of Duty is another Modern Warfare.

A small-time site called Gaming Intel claimed yesterday that 2019’s CoD is Modern Warfare 4.

Gaming Intel said its sources reckon Modern Warfare 4 is a “fully fledged” title that unlike BLOPS 4 will have a campaign.

For what it’s worth, CoD site Charlie Intel reports that the above rumours line up with what it has heard about next year’s CoD as well.

A claim like that from a relatively tiny games site isn’t much to go on, but other happenings somewhat support the MW4 assertion if you squint.

In March, actor Craig Fairbrass – who voiced Gaz, Ghost, and Walcroft in the Modern Warfare series – removed a reference to Modern Warfare 4 from his Twitter bio, and then pretended it had never been there.

Then, two days ago, a Reddit user compiled a list of senior Respawn employees who have shifted to Infinity Ward in recent times.

What makes that list notable is that several of those on it worked at Infinity Ward on the Modern Warfare series prior to the infamous lawsuit that saw Jason West and Vince Zampella exit Activision and set up Respawn to create Titanfall.

Who knows what is going on, but it's certainly interesting people seem very keen to talk about next year’s CoD even though this year’s version, Black Ops 4, was only just announced.