Having spent well over 50 hours journeying through a hyper-detailed Midgard with my recently adopted archer "Boy", the sad realisation that this incredible adventure is approaching the finish line is starting to set in. Few games in recent memory have had me constantly stopping to take in the gorgeous vistas and art direction like God of War has.

I've taken hundreds of mental snapshots of the gore and glory on display, but thoroughly missed a dedicated photo mode like we had in last year's Horizon: Zero Dawn. Thankfully, Sony Santa Monica has just released a new patch enabling a full photo mode with a plethora of filters and options. The proverbial cherry on the cake even allows you to change Kratos and Atreus's facial expressions. Want a pic of a creepy grinning Kratos hacking a Draugrs head off? Go for it!

Also accompanying Photo Mode in the latest patch is a much needed bump in text size. No more sitting nose-to-TV just to read all of that awesome lore.

We've also heard rumours of a possible New Game+ mode being added later to further stretch out your time in Midgard.

I for one can't wait to get home tonight to jump back into Kratos' boots and start snapping photos (and necks)!

God of War released to acclaimed reviews, with our own Chris Brown scoring it 10/10, stating "God of War is a genre redefining epic, a triumph for SCI Santa Monica, and the single best reason to own a PS4 in 2018."